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Academia Sinica head praises Tang Prize as platform to showcase Taiwan

Taipei, Oct. 16 (CNA) The first Tang Prize, awarded this year, helps showcase Taiwan and its ability to guide international research, the president of Academia Sinica told reporters.wong

The award and related events not only highlighted the laureates, but "all of Taiwan," including its arts, culture and lifestyle, said Chi-Huey Wong, head of Taiwan's top research institute ...

Tang Prize encourages practical application of research: NTU president

Taipei, Oct. 14 (CNA) Unlike the Nobel Prize, the Tang Prize, a Taiwanese-founded international award, emphasizes the practical application of research, according to the president of National Taiwan University.
In the category of biopharmaceutical science, for example, the award granted is for research that can be applied practically, Yang Pan-chyr told CNA in an interview earlier this month.

Taiwanese Nobel laureate talks on sustainability, Tang Prize

Taipei, Oct. 13 (CNA) The government and people of Taiwan should seriously reflect on former Norwegian Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland's advice on sustainable development issues, said Nobel laureate Lee Yuan-tseh.

Brundtland, who won the first Tang Prize in Sustainable Development this year, "hit the nail on the head" when she pointed out the problem of low taxation and fossil fuel subsidies in Taiwan during her visit in September, Lee told CNA in an interview in early October.

He pointed to one of Bruntland's speeches in which she noted that Taiwan's tax revenues as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP) are much lower than those of Norway.

"I heard yesterday that your businesses pay no more than 17 percent (in income tax)," Brundtland said in September. "That's a low level. They should pay more. Don't look at the U.S. to compare because they don't have a good tax system."

Lee said that in Norway, taxes fund free public facilities, educat

Tang laureate Albie Sachs a model for Taiwan: local lawyer

Taipei, Oct. 12 (CNA) The life and work of Albie Sachs, a former justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa and winner of the first Tang Prize in Rule of Law, ought to be treated as important references for Taiwan's legal and political circles, a prominent local lawyer told CNA.

Sachs' life and the rulings he made on cases such as same-sex marriage and the death penalty can offer guidance for Taiwan when addressing the same issues, said C.V. Chen, a lawyer and board member of the Tang Prize Foundation.

"Sachs is an altruistic person who has committed his life to the pursuit of the rule of law," Chen said, calling the 79-year-old "a model."

Judges and grand justices in Taiwan and even China can learn from the life story of Sachs, as doing so "will definitely have a great impact," said Chen, a former head of the Red Cross Society of the Republic of China.

Sachs joined the anti-apartheid movement at the age of 17. After gaining his law degree a

Tang Prize organizer sets sights on world status

Taipei, Oct. 11 (CNA) The organizer of the Tang Prize, an international award established by Taiwanese entrepreneur Samuel Yin that is aimed at supplementing the Nobel Prize, has expressed hope that the award will grow in time to become one that is respected by the international community.

In an interview with CNA in late September, Tang Prize Foundation CEO Chern Jenn-chuan said there is still much to improve in the organization and international promotion of the Tang Prize, but he believes more people will get to know about the award as time passes.

"The Nobel Prize was established over 100 years ago and its reputation accumulated over a long period of time. People began to learn about the value of the Nobel Prize as more laureates were selected," Chern said, adding that it will also take time for people to learn about the Tang Prize.

While media coverage helps, Chern said there is no better way to promote the award than by "selecting and honoring the best

Five Inaugural Laureates Set the Pace in First Award Ceremony

Amid the buzz of anticipation and excitement of Tang Prize Week, the prize’s five inaugural laureates were finally given their due honors on September 18 at the Tang Prize Award Ceremony, held at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. Former Prime Minister of Norway Gro Harlem Brundtland, cancer immunotherapy researchers James P. Allison and Tasuku Honjo, scholar of Chinese intellectual history and professor emeritus at Princeton University Yu Ying-Shih, and former South African Justice Albie Sachs were.......

Tang Prize Concert Surprises with Cultural Diversity

One part traditional Taiwanese opera, one part Beethoven, and one part Rossini. The Tang Prize Concert was a recipe for musical success, combining the greatest of the East and West to express the guiding principles behind the prize—innovation and new perspectives, a mixing and mingling of cultures and values.

Tang Prize Laureates Given Regal Welcome at National Palace Museum

As the sky turned dark and the lights were turned on inside the National Palace Museum on September 15, deep purples and reds cast the museum in a dream-like grandeur. It was no ordinary museum day, it was the commencement day of Tang Prize Week.
The first of six main events, the Tang Prize Reception welcomed the five inaugural Tang Prize laureates to Taiwan and officially began Tang Prize Week.

Tang Prize Laureates Visit Foundation as Award Ceremony Approaches

Having flown great distances to arrive in Taiwan for the formal commencement of Tang Prize Week 2014, the five inaugural Tang Prize Laureates and their families visited the Tang Prize Foundation offices on Wednesday for a pleasant discussion with Foundation CEO Dr. Jenn-Chuan Chern. The five guests of honor left the foundation with many memorable scenes, in particular a group shot (pictured above) of each laureate standing next to the banners explaining their many achievements.

Tang Prize award ceremony to take place on Sept. 18

The first Tang Prize award ceremony will be held Sept. 18 in Taipei and will be attended by the five laureates -- international leaders in their various fields -- and representatives of more than 30 countries.

At the award ceremony at National Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, the Tang Prize laureates will each be presented with a medal and certificate, according to the Tang Prize Foundation.


Exhibition on Tang Prize laureates, design contest opens in Taipei

An exhibition kicked off Monday in Taipei to showcase the lives and achievements of the first Tang Prize laureates and designs that were submitted in the prize's medal and diploma design contest.
The "Glory of the Tang Prize: Laureate and Design Exhibition" will run until Sept. 28 at the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall.

Taiwanese Food, Tang Poetry at Tang Prize Banquet (9/18)

1The 2014 Tang Prize Laureates will take the stage and receive their medal and diploma this September 18. Coming from far-away lands—Japan, Norway, USA, and South Africa, the Laureates, various guests, and a number of native Taiwanese will be participating in the full week of events known as Tang Prize Week, which will begin on September 15 and run through September 21. One such event, the Tang Prize Banquet, was the subject of a press conference held by the Tang Prize Foundation this Monday, August 25.

Yu Ying Shih Acclaimed Sinologist Recipient of Tang Prize

Renowned professor and sinologist Yu Ying-Shih will go to Taiwan in September to claim his Tang Prize in the sinology category on the 15th. Speaking on the importance of the humanities, Yu praised the award’s commitment to rewarding such research all over the world. Mentioning that sinology has experienced an explosive growth to the level of global relevance, Yu hopes that the field will continue to remain culturally prized, and not affected by utilitarianism.

Tang Prize CEO Visits the “Godmother” of Sustainable Development

“Visiting one of the great figures of our time—a figure like Gro Harlem Brundtland—really makes you feel greatly honored and hopeful for the future,” said Dr. Jenn-Chuan Chern, describing his visit to the recipient of the 2014 Tang Prize in Sustainable Development Gro Harlem Brundtland in her native Oslo, Norway. His visit was both an opportunity to talk with the “godmother” of sustainable development and to personally extend an invitation to the Tang Prize Award Ceremony.

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