Medal & Diploma
2016 Aug. 10

The Tang Prize Diploma “Door to Outstanding Achievements” was designed by Taiwanese designer Wei-Han Huang. It implies that the Tang Prize holds the prestigious mission of carrying us into the future. The Taiwan-sourced bamboo box symbolizes the door of inheritance. The sea water symbolizes sustainable development and the circle of life. The orchid symbolizes both biopharmaceutical science and the gentlemanly life of extreme dignity. The auspicious clouds symbolize rule of law, which, ascending to the sky, imply an era of peace and prosperity. The mountains symbolize sinology and imply the heights, the depths, and the width of Eastern culture and thought.


The primary materials employed in the diploma are silk and Chinese embroidery, which have been elaborated with a touch of modern taste. The circular shape on the door panel symbolizes the splendor of the Tang Prize, comparing it to the sun and its radiance which reaches far away beyond the horizon.