Medal & Diploma
2018 Jun. 08

The 2018 Tang Prize Diploma design has been commissioned to the world renowned Dutch book designer Irma Boom. Abstract and original, the diploma design is paper art in its simplicity, reflecting the philosophy of the Tang Prize. Vivid green, yellow, red, and blue represent the four prize categories, Sustainable Development, Biopharmaceutical Science, Sinology, and Rule of Law, respectively. The diploma celebrates the Tang Prize for its bold and independent spirit in the 21st century.

Boom’s inspiration came from The Road Not Taken of the American poet, Robert Frost. Tang Prize laureates don’t look for the obvious but step on the road not taken. They dare to think of the unthought-of and hence discover a new path. The four prize categories are folded into their own unique way, pointing to different directions that lead to greater diversity. Conventional A4 size paper is folded to break its regular outlines. This uncompromising irregularity shares its characteristics with the Tang Prize - thinking out of the box. The Tang Prize Diploma is encased, and the case opens like a door, unlocking a brand new world.