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Renowned Historian and Tang Prize Laureate Yu Ying-Shih Passes Away



Winner of the inaugural Tang Prize in Sinology Yu Ying-Shih passed away on August 1. Seven years ago, he overcame all the difficulties, travelled to Taiwan to attend the awarding ceremony, and took the occasion to share with us his research on China’s history and culture. This would be the last overseas trip he ever made after 2008. To remember Prof. Yu and honor his achievements, we welcome you to (re)watch the videos of his acceptance speech (Chinese only), talk he gave at the Master’s Forum, his laureate’s lecture and a documentary about him. Throughout his life, Prof. Yu upheld and conducted himself in accordance with the values he believed in. The essence of his thoughts is preserved in more than sixty books and over four hundred papers he published. They will be important vehicles for the dissemination of his studies, continuing to edify and enlighten a new generation of scholars. 

Prof. Yu’s writings and speeches remain perpetually inspirational and are wroth our constant reviews. They are as influential as the contributions of the 2020 Tang Prize laureates, transcending any spatial and temporal boundaries and staying intellectually refreshing forever. Therefore, to hold an awarding ceremony and laureates’ lectures is not only to pay homage to Tang Prize winners but also to invite the public to a feast for their minds and souls. The 2020 Tang Prize Awarding Ceremony and Laureates’ Lectures, delayed for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will be livestreamed on the Tang Prize’s official YouTube channel and Facebook Page, in late November. Please stay tuned as you won’t want to miss these incredible events!

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Renowned Historian and Tang Prize Laureate Yu Ying-Shih Passes Away