William Theodore de Bary
Recognized for establishing the field of Neo-Confucianism in the West, Professor de Bary is indeed a leading authority in the field of Sinology
September 12 , 2017
Zhang will deliver the Tang Prize-IUBMB Lecture at the 2017 FEBS Congress on September 12 on the topic “Exploring Nature's Diversity to Harness Molecular Tools.”
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2016 Jan. 12
20150501 奧比薩克思在建中演講
希望藉由這次和奧比.薩克思的跨世代對談,高中生們可以從Tang Prize得獎人的生涯歷程及理念­,找出他們的成功特質來激勵自己奮鬥向前,也寄望優秀年輕學子,能在不久的將來拿到唐­獎,為台灣及母校爭光,並為世界做出貢獻。