Tang Prize Week

Date:September 24, 2018

Venue:National Concert Hall


All great music is made up of smaller parts. Notes combine into melodies, melodies into songs, and songs define a composer, an era, and that ineffable quality we call “genius.”


Tang Prize Laureates are like great composers. They are wholeheartedly dedicated to their craft. They labor over details: getting every note just in the right place, and, if the result is not perfect, s==tarting over again from scratch, until they create something truly great.


The world is both growing and shrinking. We as a civilization have grown, but with our greater power comes greater responsibility for the consequences of power. And with the growth of civilization and the technology that connects us, human beings have grown closer and the world smaller. That is why the Eastern concept of living sustainably with nature is so important at this moment. And so, today, we celebrate and encourage those who aim high and favor contemplation.