Privacy and Security Policy

Welcome to the Tang Prize Foundation website (hereinafter, the“Website”). This Privacy and Security Policy is meant to help you understand what data we collect, why we collect it and what we do with it. We hope you will take the time to read it carefully.

  • The scope of this policy

    This Privacy and Security Policy applies only to personal information collection, processing, and protection when you visit this Website; it does not, however, apply to other websites linked from our services. The Tang Prize Foundation shall not be held responsible for privacy or security issues on any such websites.
  • What we collect, and how we use it

    • We do not collect information about your identity when you browse or download files from the Website.
    • We may request your personal data, such as email address and other relevant data, when you subscribe to our quarterly newsletter or other periodicals.
    • We do collect certain personal data to make your browsing experience as enjoyable as possible. Whenever you visit the Website, we record visitor IP, browsing time, and pages and content accessed. The information thus collected allows us to analyze visitor flow and network behavior, which we then use to improve the browsing experience. However, our data analyses only target overall user behavior; we do not analyze the browsing behavior of any individual visitor.
  • How we protect your personal data and user rights

    • We use a network intrusion detection system to oversee network traffic. This allows us to prevent unauthorized users from uploading, modifying, or committing otherwise damaging or malicious behaviors.
    • Our network is protected by a firewall from illegal invasion, modification, stealing of information, and other actions which may harm your rights as a user.
    • We regularly use virus scanning software to ensure a safe browsing environment.
    • We automatically receive and install updates from our software suppliers.
  • Email policy

    When you subscribe to our newsletter or other services, we will send you a confirmation email asking for your agreement to periodically receive newsletters and other information. All information and emails sent from the Tang Prize Foundation shall be explicitly marked as such; in addition all messages from the Tang Prize Foundation shall include a link or explanation of how to remove your email from the subscription service.
  • Sharing and disclosure

    We do not provide, sell, exchange, or otherwise give your personal data to any third party organization or individual.
  • Changes or updates to the policy

    Our Privacy and Security Policy may change as needs warrant. We will post any such changes on this page and provide a policy update notice to each subscribed user. By not responding to such notices and continuing to use our services, it shall be interpreted that you have read and understand these changes, and agree to their incorporation in this policy.