HS Students Participate in Tang Prize Innovation Program
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This year, 2015, the Tang Prize has been taking the Sparking Innovation—Innovation in High Schools Competition into Taiwan’s campuses. Kung-Tung Technical took the gold for their project showing how sustainability enters into our daily lives, Kaohsiung Municipal Girls brought home the silver for rule of law, and National Tainan First Senior won the bronze for their performance in Sinology.

Kung-Tung used a lightbulb display to show the public how much power LEDs really save, and brought awareness to the impact of global warming by having students don layers of plastic raincoats.

Through the Sparking Innovation—Innovation in High Schools Competition, students will not only learn more about the Tang Prize and thrive within its four fields, they will carry the enthusiasm for learning and the habit of thinking innovatively through the rest of their lives.


  School Group
1 Jianguo HS Tang Prize Culture Work Group
2 Jianguo HS Biology Study Group
3 Taichung 1st HS Biological Science and Spoken Arts Group
4 Tainan 1st HS Clearwater Poetry Group
5 Tainan Girls HS Students of 17 Div, Classroom 106
6 Kaohsiung HS Basic Culture Teaching Workshop
7 Kaohsiung Girls HS The A Group
8 Kung-Tung HS Plant an Innovation Tree