Medal Design Competition - Words from the Finalists

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Already seen as movers and sharkers in the design field, all 61 nominated international designers represent the best of our time. Through heated discussion and five rounds of voting in the preliminary meeting, the following 10 finalists were announced: Matthew Dent (UK), up-and-coming designer of the commemorative coin for the Royal Mint; Kenji Ekuan (Japan), pioneer of Japan’s industrial design; Massimo Zucchi (Italy), world-class jewelry designer; Jun-liang Chen (Taiwan), master of oriental aesthetics; Naoto Fukasawa (Japan), reputed to be the most influential designer in modern Japan; Lin Cheung (UK), the designer of London 2012 Paralympic Medal; Harry Williamson (Australia), one of the leaders of Australia’s visual design; Tai-keung kan (Hong Kong), recognized as “Father of design” in Hong Kong; Gunter Wermekes (Germany), contemporary metal master craftsman and designer of the Red Dot Award trophy; Irma Boom (Netherlands), unparalleled book designer.