Diploma Design Winner: Silvio Huang

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Silvio Wei-Han Huang

During his studies, he was skillfully trained by the Department of Commercial Design of Fu-Hsin Trade and Arts School, and was requested to satisfy the demands of overall images for Ling Tung University and the National Yunlin University of Science and Technology. These experiences contributed to his meticulous persistence for design and his multi-faceted approaches as he went for Italy to pursue a master‘s degree on commercial design in the Domus Academy. In 2007, he established Fontana Design. Fontana means fountain in Italian. Apart from the expectation that inspiration could flow like a fountain, he hopes to integrate design, sentiments, and environments, and tailor dream-come- true designs for the clients.

Silvio believes that design is a concept and attitude of life. Thoughts, style, and colors are ways to convey beauty, and designers should not be restricted to performing in a certain area. After adding the concept of commercial design, Silvio engaged in graphic design  from the perspectives of space and shape, allowing designs of Fontana Design to be endowed with frameless excellence. His ideas also laid a foundation for his future works, including graphic design, CI, environmental indicators, and spatial design.

"Door to Outstanding Achievements" Design Concept:

Transmitting the past into the future, the Tang Prize is charged with the prestigious mission of envisioning Taiwan's role as the gate keeper of Chinese tradition. This includes outstanding achievements in four research fields, represented by the concepts of heaven, earth, mountain, and water, respectively.

The cover of the Tang Prize Diploma takes its cue from blackened bamboo door panels, revealing its subject in the calm and collected manner of Chinese scholars. The golden circle on the door panels symbolizes the splendor of the Tang Prize, comparable to the sun's radiance. The primary materials of the diploma employ silk and Chinese embroidery elaborated with a touch of modern taste

Diploma Design: Silvio Wei-Han Huang 黃維瀚