Experimental Biology 2021- Tang Prize Lecture

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Event Experimental Biology 2021
Time April 27-30, 2021
Location Online
Time and Venue for the Tang Prize Award Lecture 1-2 p.m (Eastern Time), Tuesday, April 27, 2021  

Speaker Dr. Tony Hunter, 2018 Tang Prize Winner for Biopharmaceutical Science
Title Tyrosine Phosphorylation — From Discovery to Drug Development and Beyond
Lecture Outline Tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) are the prototypes of targeted therapies, which have already had significant impacts on the treatment of cancer patients. Dr. Tony Hunter, professor of Molecular and Cell Biology at the Salk Institute in La Jolla, California, gave birth to this field by discovering tyrosine phosphorylation and showing that the Src oncoprotein is a tyrosine kinase. His 1979 discovery at the Salk Institute paved the road for the next forty years' active research on tyrosine kinases, leading to the development of nearly 40 tyrosine kinase inhibitor drugs.
In this lecture, Dr. Hunter will talk about how he stumbled on tyrosine phosphorylation, the development of TKI drugs that ensued, and two research projects he is working on: pancreatic cancer and histidine phosphorylation.