Experimental Biology 2022- Tang Prize Lecture

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Event Experimental Biology 2022
Time April 2- 5, 2022
Philadelphia, USA
Time and Venue for the Tang Prize Award Lecture March 30-May 5, 2022
Experimental Biology (EB)
2022 Virtual Platform

(For all registered EB attendees only)
Speaker Dr. Charles Dinarelo
2020 Tang Prize laureate in Biopharmaceutical Science
Title IL-1 as the Master Cytokine for Inflammatory Diseases
Lecture Outline Dr. Dinarello starts his lecture with the historical background for search endogenous fever-producing molecule. He then explains the studies that confirm the ability of recombinant IL-1 to evoke disease in experimental models as well as the shift from using IL-1 to blocking IL-1 in humans with inflammatory diseases. Dr. Dinarello concludes that new therapies that reduce IL-1's activities will become a new frontier in lifting the burden of disease.