Tang Prize Foundation Fellowship Program
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Plan information
Project Term:2019-2020
Budget: About NT$3.3 million

Origin: The Tang Prize is awarded on a biennial basis, each with a cash reward of NT$40 million. Projects proposed by the laureates also receive a grant of up to NT$10 million. The 2018 grant for Biopharmaceutical Science is shared between Dr. Hunter, Dr. Druker, and Dr. Mendelsohn.


Project Summary: Dr. Tony Hunter, the 2018 Tang Prize laureate in Biopharmaceutical Science, has decided to turn the research grant into a fellowship that will provide a stipend and benefits to a postdoctoral fellow to carry out basic research in the area of signal transduction and cancer at the Salk Institute. A major focus of research at Salk Institute is directed towards cancer biology. Moreover, research in the field of signal transduction and cancer at the Salk Institute is aimed at uncovering the role that altered signaling processes play in cancer, through the use of both model systems and human cell lines, with a major emphasis on the role of altered protein phosphorylation and other post-translational modifications in cancer cell phenotypes. The Tang Prize Foundation Fellow will be selected by the Salk Institute Fellowship Committee, and the fellowship will be awarded as the result of an internal fellowship competition.   


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