The Louise Arbour-UdeM Rule of Law Project

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Plan information
Project Term:2017-2022
Budget: NT$10 million

Origin: The Tang Prize is awarded on a biennial basis, each with a cash reward of NT$40 million. Projects proposed by the laureates also receive a grant of up to NT$10 million


• Project Summary: The 2016 Tang Prize laureate in Rule of Law, Louise Arbour, has assigned her research grant to the Faculty of Law of the Université de Montréal to help launch the “Louise Arbour-UdeM Rule of Law Project” in 2017; the Project will span five years. The various research projects federated under the umbrella of the Project will seek to take stock of contemporary challenges to traditional conceptions and representations of the rule of law. They will assess the current state of the rule of law in various contexts, both domestic (notably Canadian) and international. The Project will examine the new legal, political, social, and economic dynamics that impact on the implementation of the rule of law, and they will also propose new ways of conceiving and implementing the rule of law for the future.