Conservation Projects of Asia

  • Jane Goodall
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Plan information
Project Term: 2021-2025
Budget: NT$7 million

Project Objective


  • To encourage people of all ages to take an active interest in their natural surroundings and wildlife
  • To bring about opportunities for schools and communities to engage in projects that benefit wildlife and people


Project Content


By engaging our communities and schools in conservation and education projects in Taiwan, Malaysia, and India, we can promote activism, cultivate interest, spread awareness and create momentum that benefit wildlife and human communities.

  • Jane Goodall Sustainability Academy Project in Taiwan: Taipei’s first experimental elementary school that focuses on conservation and sustainability issues.
  • Project Monyet in Malaysia: Promoting the primates in the Malaysia peninsular through workshops and events and collaborating with scientists to document the many amazing species of wildlife.
  • Hope Project in India: Connecting the young with nature through workshops and events that cultivate understanding, awareness and actions.


Expected Outcomes


  • Carry out projects (Jane Goodall Sustainability Academy in Taiwan, Project Monyet in Malaysia, Hope Project in India).
  • Host annual Youth Summit to facilitate collaboration and celebrate success.
  • Host workshops for teams (on-site and webinars).
  • Create educational materials and resources.