Wild Chimpanzee Conservation and Research in South-East Senegal

  • Jane Goodall
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Plan information
Project Term: 2021-2023
Budget: NT$3 million

Project Objective


To contribute to the conservation of the western chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes verus) in Senegal and Guinea through implementing ecological and ethological monitoring of chimpanzees in the DCNR (Dindefelo Community Nature Reserve), Kedougou region, southeast Senegal, including data collection via android devices and camera traps.


Project Content


Regularly collect data on the ecology and ethology of chimpanzees, which is essential to monitor threats, confirm distribution of chimpanzees, study tool use and other adaptive behaviours, get to know corridors and nesting areas, food resources used (including trees also exploited by people), water points where there might be conflict with the population or risks of zoonosis, evidence of other animals, etc.


Expected Outcomes


  • Ecological and ethological data on chimpanzees collected monthly on android devices by field assistants in the DCNR and analyzed.
  • Images of chimpanzees and other fauna recorded monthly by camera traps in the DCNR and analyzed.