Dejusticia 2021: Socio-Economic Inequality, Human Rights and Colombian Political Constitution

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Plan information
Project Term: 2021-2022
Budget: About NT$3.3 million

Origin: The Tang Prize is awarded on a biennial basis, each with a cash reward of NT$40 million. Projects proposed by the laureates also receive a grant of up to NT$10 million. The 2020 grant for Rule of Law is shared between Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association, Dejusticia: The Center for Law, Justice and Society and The Legal Agenda.

Project Summary:The proposal is two-folded and will be presented in two different components that contribute to the development of the rule of law:

1. Research on inequality and human rights

The project contributes theoretical and empirical reflections on the relationship between economic inequality and human rights, and explores how inequality affects the fulfillment of human rights and how may human rights be used to fight against inequality.

2. Commemoration of the 30th`s Anniversary of Colombian Political Constitution

To critically analyze the social transformation and shortcomings of the 1991 Constitution in the voice of the social actors that have mobilized around it. To hold the campaign, Dejusticia will do the following works:

Create a microsite on Dejusticia’s website with basic material on the Constitution. Prepare a series of written chronicles and a podcast to rebuild the social and institutional changes emerging from the Constitution. Produce a short and pedagogical video summarizing the main changes of the Constitution. Hold a digital campaign on social media and a presentation of these materials through a pedagogical model in high schools interested in commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Constitution.