• The Persevering Spirits: the 2018 Tang Prize Laureates

    Providing scientific evidence to establish the reality of climate change, developing targeted therapies to combat cancer, renewing our understanding of the history and literature of the Tang and Song dynasties, and increasing our knowledge of the nature of law, these remarkable achievements of the 2018 Tang Prize recipients have earned universal recognition and applause. Nonetheless, none of these successes came overnight. Conducting in-depth interviews with each laureate, veteran journalist Yu-fang Liang then chronicled their decades-long endeavor in this biography, narrating the moving stories about how they refused to give up and how they persevered until crucial breakthroughs were made. Life is like a marathon race. It takes unshakable faith and persistence to reach and cross that finishing line, as demonstrated by the 2018 Tang Prize winners. 


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    (Only Traditional Chinese Edition)


  • Live Their Passion: the 2016 Tang Prize Laureates

    Live Their Passion: the 2016 Tang Prize Laureates

    They all found their own paths in life.

    Becuause they listened to their hearts.

    Because they pursued their passions.

    Altruistic, inventive, resilient and resolute,

    They kept soldiering on, despite all the obstacles.

    So eventually the world granted them strength.

    So finally they changed the world.


  • Determined To Change: the 2014 Tang Prize Laureates

    Determined to Change: the 2014 Tang Prize Laureates

    People strive for progress for not being content with the present. 

    A determined soul fought to keep his dream alive so a new chpater in history was opened. 

    The 2014 Tang Prize laureates dare to envisage a better future.

    It is in their visions the source of courage abounds. 

  • 2018 Tang Prize Photo Album

    From the editors:

    “This year, eight extraordinary people were named Tang Prize laureates across four fields: Sustainable Development, Biopharmaceutical Science, Sinology and Rule of Law. Each one of them addressed a topic that is as crucial to their field as it is to humanity as a whole: climate change, cancer therapy, cross-cultural communication, fundamental legal philosophy. The glory of the awarding, the fanfare of the events, and the depth of knowledge and discussion are nor produced out of nothing — each Tang Prize Week is only possible through the hard work of the employees and partners of the Foundation. This book is also a record of their daily effort. It ensures that the third awarding of the Tang Prize will be known to future generations."


  • 2020 Tang Prize Photo Album

    Compared to the previous photo albums which not only record carefully and vividly the professional knowledge and admirable spirit laureates demonstrated when visiting Taiwan but also capture the precious moments of their individual charm and grace, this one is a collection of screenshots of various video conferences and livestreamed events. It illustrates how the 2020 Tang Prize still took place against a backdrop of international turmoil and unrest.

  • 2016 Tang Prize Photo Album

    From the editors:

    “This book sitting before you tells the story of the second biennial Tang Prize activities, through pictures and text, in a language of feeling and thought.

    From the award ceremony and concert to the lecture series and exhibitions, we strove to capture the moments, both grand and quaint, that define Tang Prize Week—it is those moments that share with you here.

    We admit, looking back over the records, that there were simply too many great moments to include in their entirety. While we have included as much as was possible, there remain many unforgettable moments, and certainly many irreplaceable colleagues, that do not appear in the present volume. We offer our sincere thanks for everyone whose involvement was essential to the week’s success.”

  • 2014 Tang Prize Photo Album

    This is an extensive collection of photos that take you through the journey the prize has made, from the establishment of the Tang Prize Foundation in 2012 to the First Tang Prize week in 2014. Momentous events chronicled here include the Tang Prize Medal Design Competition, the first Tang Prize Diploma Design Competitions, the announcement of inaugural Tang Prize laureates, the laureates’ visits to Taipei, the first Tang Prize concert, award ceremony, banquet, laureates’ lectures and forums. Every significant step that has been taken is recorded in this book to commemorate the inception and evolution of this prestigious prize.  

  • Chasing the Pearl

    Chasing the Pearl: Tang Prize Medal and Diploma Design Competition Portfolio

    "In honor of the first generation of Tang Prize laureates, the Tang Prize Foundation comissioned the Taiwan Design Center to organize the international invitational Tang Prize Medal and Diploma Design Competition in September 2013 to select the works most representative of the Tang Prize spirit."

    In this book, we can see "the creative process of 10 overseas medal designers and 15 Taiwanese diploma design teams, each seen against the backdrop of a particular professional field and a unique culture." It helps us "gain deeper understanding of the spirit and essence of the Tang Prize and the extraordinary achievements of the inaugural laureates."