10 World-renowned Designers Selected for Tang Prize Medal Design Competition

  • Wen-Long Chen, CEO of Taiwan Design Center and Jenn-Chuan Chern, CEO of the Tang Prize Foundation.
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With an aim to honor winners in the four categories of the Tang Prize, the Tang Prize Foundation and Taiwan Design Center co-organized the International Invitational Tang Prize Medal Design Competition, inviting 25 international design organizations to nominate a total of 61 top designers from 15 countries, including UK, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan, to participate in the competition. After objective review and heated discussion among worldwide professionals, ten designers were selected in the preliminary meeting to compete for the first prize of US$500,000 to design medals for the 1st Tang Prize. The professionals involved in the selection process included Jenn-Chuan Chern, CEO of the Tang Prize Foundation, Wen-Long Chen, CEO of Taiwan Design Center, Chunghi Choo, F. Wendell Miller Distinguished Professor of Art at the University of Iowa, Daniel Buren, a world-renowned French artist, and Tanaka Kazuo, President of the Japan Industrial Designers’ Association.
Already significant contributors and well-known figures in the design field, all 61 nominated international designers represent the best of our time. Through heated discussion and five rounds of voting in the preliminary meeting, the following 10 finalists were announced: Matthew Dent (UK), up-and-coming designer of the commemorative coin for the Royal Mint; Kenji Ekuan (Japan), pioneer of Japan’s industrial design; Massimo Zucchi (Italy), world-class jewelry designer; Jun-liang Chen (Taiwan), master of oriental aesthetics; Naoto Fukasawa (Japan), reputed to be the most influential designer in modern Japan; Lin Cheung(UK),the designer of London 2012 Paralympic Medal, five-time winner of the Danish Design Award; Harry Williamson (Australia), one of the leaders of Australia’s visual design; Tai-keung kan (Hong Kong), recognized as “Father of design” in Hong Kong; Günter Wermekes (Germany), contemporary metal master craftsman and designer of the Red Dot Award trophy; Irma Boom (Netherlands), unparalleled book designer. All of the contestants are scheduled to present their works in Taiwan at the end of May for the final round of competition. The winning work of the International Invitational Tang Prize Medal Design Competition will be presented as medals awarded to the first Tang Prize winners. 10 selected master designers all have extensive experience in cross-over design. Proficient in embodying originality and spirits in their design works, they showcase their diverse and edgy styles without limitations.
The winning medal will be made of pure gold weighing 214 grams, and manufactured by Taiwan's Central Mint. Utilizing their distinctive artistic tastes, designers not only have to take on the challenge to interpret the spiritual meanings for the four categories of the Tang Prize, they must also have a good understanding of gold’s softness to illustrate the work’s originality and aesthetic perceptions. We look forward to witnessing the creation of the most unique and exquisite laurels to be granted to the upcoming Tang Prize winners of the year.
The Tang Prize is established in December 2012 by chairman of the Ruentex Group, Dr. Samuel Yin. Rooted in the cultural traditions of Chinese philosophical thinking, the Tang Prize aims to respond to critical issues in the 21st century by promoting thousands of years of profound Chinese culture to inspire thoughts and concrete actions. The Tang Prize encourages global scholars to conduct research in the four major fields of Sustainable Development, Biopharmaceutical Science, Sinology, and the Rule of Law. The first award ceremony will be held in September 18, 2014 to honor laureates, irrespective of their nationality or ethnicity, who make great contributions to humankind.