Establishment of the Tang Prize Foundation and Selection Institution Signing Ceremony Press Conference – post-conference report

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January 28, 2013 ─ The foundation has signed a contract with the country’s highest research institution, Academia Sinica, to handle the matters of Tang Prize nominations and selections. Esteemed guests at the meeting included nine Tang Prize Foundation board members, namely: President of National Taiwan University, Lee, Si-Chen, Managing Partner at Lee and Li Attorneys-at-Law, C.V. Chen, Minister of Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan, R.O.C., Jenn-Chuan Chern, Academician & Distinguished Research Fellow, Institute of Linguistics, Academia Sinica, Ovid J. L. Tzeng, Executive Director, Sun Art Retail Group Limited, Peter Huang, Ming-Tuan, President, Taipei Medical University, Taiwan, Yun Yen and Vice Chairman, Nan Shan Insurance Co., Ltd., Y.T. Du, etc. as well as other honored guests that were also invited to cooperate in this great undertaking, including: former President of Academia Sinica, Lee,Yuan-Tseh, Vice-Presidents of Academia Sinica, Peng, Shie-Ming, Chien-Jen Chen and Fan-Sen Wang and Academia SinicaDirector General, Yeh, Yih-Hsiung, etc.
At the conference, as well as having Tang Prize Foundation founder Samuel Yin and Academia Sinica President, Chi-Huey Wong signed the contract as representative for each party, Tang Prize Foundation board members Attorney C.V. Chen and Dr. Jenn-Chuan Chern were also specially invited to respectively provide detailed explanations regarding the content and planning direction of the Tang Prize in Rule of Law and in Sustainable Development. Founder Dr. Yin specially expressed that his concept for founding the Tang Prize has been in his mind for around 20 years, and that he would mainly like to express his gratitude to Academia Sinica in its support with the impetus to turn his dream into a reality.