Tang Prize Invited to the 30th Anniversary of RAE and IAE

  • Tang Prize Invited to the 30th Anniversary of RAE and IAE
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To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Russia Academy of Engineering (RAE) and the Russia International Academy of Engineering (IAE), the “International Scientific &Practical Conference Dedicated to the 30th Anniversary of RAE and IAE” was held on May 13. Hosted by President Gusev Boris of both RAE and IAE, the conference centered on discussions of topics that included energy and aviation technology, earthquakes and earthquake engineering, high-speed rail and public transport systems, nuclear energy and nuclear technology, nanotechnology and construction materials, circular economy, the development of polar regions and its technology, food technology, environmental protection, urban and rural renewal, and so forth.


President Gusev and Dr. Samuel Yin, first honorary president of the IAE, took turns to make their opening remarks. Dr. Yin paid special tribute to the RAE and IAE for the extraordinary contributions they have made to the advancement of world’s engineering technology and sustainable development during the past thirty years, while giving his best wishes for a successful conference. He then kick-started the conference with a speech titled “New Trends in the Technological Development of Taiwan Construction Industry.” In addition, Dr. Jenn-Chuan Chern, president of the Taiwan Chapter of the IAE (TCIAE), also gave a talk on “Tang Prize, 2020 Laureates and COVID-19 Reflection.”  


This conference was a venue where members of engineering institutes in countries such as Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan, as well as people from countries such as Belarus and Slovenia were able to learn about the Tang Prize’s efforts to make the world a better place. President Gusev expressed his profound gratitude to Dr. Yin, who is also the founder of the Tang Prize, and to the representatives from Taiwan, for their support and participation, all of which have made this conference a great success.