Tang Prize Founder Samuel Yin Receives CAAPS Innovation Award

  • Tang Prize Founder Samuel Yin
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Founder of the Tang Prize, CEO of the Taiwanese Ruentex Group, Samuel Yin is an entrepreneur and businessman, but his interests and passions do not end there, they extend into hands-on work like innovation and technology in the construction engineering field. For the past twenty years his leadership at the head of the Ruentex Group has given the group a technological and competitive edge, but has also garnered for Taiwan international recognition in construction technology. In further recognition for his engineering contributions, he will be receiving the Outstanding Technology Innovation Professional Achievement Award from the Chinese American Academic & Professional Society (CAAPS) at its 40th annual convention, which will be held this August 14-15.

Possessing an imaginative mind for invention and engineering, Yin is the recipient of approximately 448 patents throughout Taiwan, the US, UK, Europe, Canada, China, and Japan; most of which are advances in design and construction technologies. His advances have won him numerous accolades and awards, including the Public Construction Professional Medal, the National Invention Award, and the Outstanding Contribution to Earthquake Engineering award from institutional and governmental entities in Taiwan. On the international stage, he was recognized with the Henry L. Michel Award for Industry Advancement of Research by the American Society of Civil Engineers in 2010 and the Engineering Glory Award and Engineering Prowess Award by the Russian Academy of Engineering in 2008 and 2010, respectively.

“Samuel Yin is a businessman who sees the importance of innovation, R&D, and professionalism. His own experience leading the R&D group at Ruentex in combining construction technology, information technology, and engineering management systems have led to the creation of high-quality and high-efficiency technologies in the construction field, technologies that have been rated highly by the international community. This is especially true in high-tech facility construction in Taiwan, where seismic resistance and quick but reliably safe building techniques are hugely important. He has exported these techniques and technologies to places like Singapore and China, and has won praise and recognition from the US, Europe, and Japan. All of this shows just how significant his contributions to high tech innovation have been to the whole world,” says Moses Chang, Chairman of the CAAPS Board of Directors.

Director Kuo-Chun Chang of the National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering has worked closely with Yin in seismic research and testing over the years. Chang says that the “Yin Spiral,” a multi-spiral confinement design for reinforced concrete structures designed by Yin, has greatly increased the seismic resistance of buildings and bridges and has done so with boosts in quality and efficiency while also reducing unnecessary carbon waste. The technology has already been entered into standard engineering practices in Taiwan and China. Chang added that Yin’s inventions in seismic isolation engineering have brought needed precision and timelines to the construction field, and that Yin’s contributions affect not only Taiwan, but the entire world.