Taiwan/Milgis/Norway connection…Thanks to Gro Brundtland

  • Gro Brundtland won the prestigious Tang Prize  for Sustainable development last year and unbelievably decided to donate some of the funds she won to the Milgis Trust !
  • Gro Brundtland won the prestigious Tang Prize  for Sustainable development last year and unbelievably decided to donate some of the funds she won to the Milgis Trust !
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Gro Brundtland won the prestigious Tang Prize ( http://www.tang-prize.org ) for Sustainable development last year and unbelievably decided to donate some of the funds she won to the Milgis Trust !

Gro won the prize because she has worked tirelessly through out her amazing life to try to keep the world a good place to live! We THANK Gro so very much for this unbelievable support towards the Trusts core operations for 5 years.. These funds will go towards keeping our scouts and informers employed who do vital work to keep the poachers out, stop the forests burning, look after the wildlife, while keeping their community’s happy, in this remote and very beautiful lost frontier in Northern Kenya..

Nderitu has also been busy getting our message out to the residents of this very fragile land … These are some of the important issues the Milgis is trying to address.. Each project whether it be water, schools, pan dams, health or what ever we put a sign with a message.. They are put strategically in places where many people will see.. AND what’s nice is often I see groups of people enjoying looking at them and discussing the message!!

1.. its simple you burn you finish what “Ngai” laid out for you.. you look after it and this is what you have.. TUNZA MISITU..

2.. Too much stock causes so many problems, it’s a no goer.. but it unfortunately is the reality..   The people know, but what to do?!! YES.. Sell,… but that’s not so easy in such a remote place.. They need a decent market to sell…

3.. Over grazing causes Erosion, which is also a reality.. in some areas the drains are so deep that animals get caught.. We try to teach people to at least try to control it!!

4.. Elephants are friends.. They are mot the enemy!!… They do their bit for the environment and are very helpful to the pastoralists!! Here in this picture showing the elephant shaking the all valuable nutritious, life saving Acacia Torlilis seeds out of the tree for every one to benefit.. in the background is Elephants bathing in a small pan where rain water lies which eventually will become a bigger pan dam a valuable asset with lots of water, for all to use.. Then of course opening up the bush so the people can get there stock in to browse and graze!!

I’ve been getting abit of flack because of lack of Blogs.. i understand as people who give money want news!! I assure as I’ve said before if I’m writing blogs its taking my energy away from the job we took on by starting the Milgis Trust!! Plus we do not have a way of blogging from up in the north and only when we come down to close to the equator I have a chance, sitting on the roof, which is the only place I get enough internet to write, but after 10 minutes I look like I’ve just battled through a typhoon,.. But finally I’m happy to say that Pete is making me a nice new office, wind and rain free !! So who knows but the blogs may become more regular!!

More news from the Milgis soon.. alot going on at Mpagas, Masikita Simiti, Parkoren, Keno THANK YOU ALL FOR ALL THE SUPPORT ….

LAST BUT NOT LEAST!! Those friends of the family … It’s a year since my brother Simon died in Peru in July 2014.. I felt that we had to close his book properly… Here with below is the wonderful shindig we held in memory of a cool dude!!

Simon was an incredible guy, never frightened to do any thing, he was fun, crazy, loved every one, enjoyed life to the full and died while having fun in his new aeroplane.. So he deserved a good send off.. So for this we found the most amazing spot in the middle of the Kaisut desert with lovely trees for camping, an incredible flat strip for planes to land on and a pile of rocks in the shape of an arena to do the talking!! As a back ground we had the Ndoto mountains, and Poi which was beautiful and the desert was buzzing with good vibes!

We managed to get the whole family out to Kenya.. From France, Morocco, America and Peru, plus 80 friends of Simons, so totalling 101 people ( 21 aeroplanes) to celebrate his life at Soit Ele-Salau.. All sitting on the rocks in the middle of nowhere to say goodbye.. Also at 6.00 pm we had people all over the world lifting a glass to Simon at the same time as us on the rocks !.. The Rendille elders who live there started the whole ceremony with a special blessing!!

Fuzz Dyer who has taken on Simons beautiful 1954 aeroplane ( Cessna 180) managed to land it near the rocks and it was sillouetted, as we had a slow ‘fly’ past of 40 camels as the sun was setting!! The camels all settled near a huge bon fire, while lots of stories and happy memories and laughter were pouring out.. The almost full moon rose soon after and we had a wonderful dinner and evening under the stars.. … Pic of shindig After that, most of the family walked the 100 kms back to Elkanto from the rocks!! Ileana his wife who was in the plane crash with him, her life in ruins one year ago, including a completely smashed knee, also walked, Lemagas carried her’s and simon’s 1 year and 8 month baby, and Shirlie went in the car, which caught up with us when ever possible!.. While crossing the south end of the Ndotos on a lovely rock, looking back into the shimmering desert and imagining the eagles soaring on the whirl winds, then suddenly the warriors burst into a song for Simon.. very moving!! We put Simons ashes into the lake at Baringo 2 weeks later and every one broke down and cried but suddenly a huge storm, with wind and rain came from nowhere ( organized by Simon!!!) We all jumped into the lake, cleared the tears and rushed back to the Island!! The next morning a beautiful sunrise to beat all!! (definitely organized by Simon!!!) So all in all a great farewell, and special way to honor a brother who loved life! And I recon the moral of the story is enjoy, stay well and be happy!!

(Source: The Milgis Journal)