A Life in Defense of Justice - Louise Arbour

  • Louise Arbour, 2016 Tang Prize Laureate in Rule of Law
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Described in the Taiwanese magazine “Business Today” as “a loving mother who toppled a genocidal tyrant,” Madame Justice Louise Arbour is to all appearances a normal person. She finishes her work at the firm, stops at the market on the way home, and cares for her friends and family. This is indeed one part of her life and character. But along with that normalcy, Arbour harbors a resolve that has steeled her as she stood on the front lines in the defense of justice.  


Arbour’s life has revolved around transitional justice: from the rights of the prisoner, to international criminal law, Arbour has worked tirelessly for justice, and often with great success. She brought the "Butcher of the Balkans" Slobodan Milošević, then a major head of state, to court. For her integral work on peace, freedom, and justice, and for her unrelenting resolve to achieve these ends, she was awarded the Tang Prize in Rule of Law for 2016.


Arbour will arrive in Taipei this September for the Award Ceremony and related events. Stay tuned to the Tang Prize website and Facebook fan page for the latest on the speeches and forums in which Arbour will participate.


In the meantime, see the following clip from the made-for-television movie on Arbour and the war tribunals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUsv2WE2DiQ


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