Tang Prize visited the Shaw Prize Foundation

  • Tang Prize visited  the Shaw Prize Foundation
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Tang Prize Foundation CEO and staff were received by the Shaw Prize Foundation today in Hong Kong. Now in its 14th year, the Shaw Prize was founded in 2002 by Run Run Shaw, a philanthropist and an influential figure in the Hong Kong entertainment industry, along with assistance from Nobel laureate Chen-Ning Franklin Yan. Today’s discussion focused on the primary work of a prize foundation: the selection process, making important connections with the laureates, and how to operate a foundation sustainably.

Pak-Chung Ching, a Shaw Prize Council member, welcomed the guests. He applauded several of the Tang Prize’s operations, such as educational promotion, arranging speaking events for the laureates worldwide, and inviting previous laureates to act as awarders at the award ceremony. In parting, Ching invited guests from the Tang Prize to attend the Shaw Prize award ceremony that will take place this September.