Gro Brundtland Week Kicks Off at NTU, Encourages the Next Generation

  • Gro Brundtland Week Kicks Off at NTU, Encourages the Next Generation
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Today (March 29) the opening ceremony of Gro Brundtland Week of Women in Sustainable Development and a week-long event kick off at National Taiwan University. Attendees to the opening ceremony included President of NCKU Huey-Jen Jenny Su, Dean of NTU College of Public Health Chang-Chuan Chan, Professor of NTU School of Forestry and Resource Conservation Hsiao-Wei Yuan, CEO of Tang Prize Foundation Jenn-Chuan Chern, Academician Alice Lin-Tsing Yu and Academia Sinica Research Fellow Shi-chun Lung. Huey-Jen Jenny Su says there is a high percentage of high school students to attend the event this year which represents a successful network with the next generation.

Jenn-Chuan Chern points out that Dr. Brundtland has great insight into sustainability of human societies. She used the Tang Prize research grant to establish Gro Brundtland Award and the Week of Women in Sustainable Development which encourage more people to care about the world. He also expresses his appreciation to NCKU and NTU for holding the ceremony perfectly. Chang-Chuan Chan emphasizes women power is an important force and the world becomes more peaceful and more sustainable with female contribution.

Five outstanding female scientists, awardees of 2018 Gro Brundtland Award, Dr. Natisha Dukhi (South Africa), Dr. Barbara Burmen (Kenya), Dr. Neha Dahiya (India), Dr. Weena Gera (Philippine), Dr. Sarva Mangala Praveena (Malaysia) will talk about their research and take part in discussion. This week-long event is a platform for international outreach and information exchange. Academician Alice Lin-Tsing Yu delivers the first plenary session with the topic “The challenges of economic sustainability of health care in the era of cancer immunotherapy”.

Following the opening ceremony, various symposiums and panel discussions will be held at Tzu Chi University on March 31st, and National Chung Hsing University on April 2nd, including two plenary sessions: “Innovation and Infrastructure For Improvement of Healthy Aging”by Dr. Chao A. Hsiung, Director of Institute of Population Health Sciences, National Health Research Institutes (NHRI), and“The Battle Against Lung Cancer” by Dr. Yi-Ching Wang, NCKU Pharmacology professor.

This is the third and the last year of Gro Brundtland award since 2016. NCKU invited Dr. Brundtland, also known as “Godmother of sustainable development”, to Taiwan. A panel discussion on “Public Health and the Environment in a Sustainable Society” takes place at Academia Sinica in Taipei on April 2nd. Dr. Brundtland will deliver a plenary speech on “Sustainable Development Goals, a thirty year story of international collaboration” at NCKU in Tainan on April 3rd. She will be awarded with Honorary Doctorate by NCKU on the same day. For more information, please refer to